Trodat Stamps 

As a producer of stamp components, the Trodat company sells only to speciality dealers and not to end customers. First the speciality dealer produces the text plate and then adapts the stamp to your needs.

You can order a stamp with your individual text plate online in an uTypia Online Shop or purchase it at a stamp dealer in your area.

As a producer of stamp components, the Trodat company sells only to speciality dealers and not to end customers. You can order the suitable replacement ink cartridge for your stamp online in an uTypia Online shop or purchase at a speciality dealer in your area.

As a producer of stamp components, the Trodat company doesn’t produce any individual text plates—stamp speciality dealers only do that themselves.
Please take your voucher to your stamp speciality dealer or to the contact address printed on the voucher.
You can find dealers in your area as well as online stamp shops quickly and conveniently with the aid of our dealer search.

Trodat offers high-quality stamps for the most varied application areas, such as for the office, on the move and for at home.

To find out which stamp is right for your requirements, there’s the ‘Find product’ link on the Trodat website. By answering a few questions, you find out which product is best suited for you.

The ink cartridge is already integrated into self-inking stamps. It dispenses ink to the text plate during each stamping procedure. These stamps are therefore especially practical and clean in application.

A product is climate neutral if it doesn’t change the atmosphere’s CO2 balance either by not causing emissions itself or by neutralising the product’s CO2 footprint through compensating measures in environmental protection.

With the Original Printy 4.0, all avoidable emissions were first eliminated. The remainder were compensated for by Trodat’s investing in Gold Standard climate-protection projects recommended by the WWF®. You can find more about the stamp under Printy 4.0.

You should replace your stamp’s ink cartridge if you’re no longer satisfied with the imprint’s intensity. You can order the suitable replacement ink cartridge for your stamp online in an uTypia Online shop or purchase at a speciality dealer in your area.

That depends on the stamp. Depending on model, replacement ink cartridges can be removed by pressing or pulling. You can find exact instructions with images for all of the various stamp models under the Tips for use menu item.

First bring the stamp into the locked position. Then position the individual type slugs (letters) on the plate with the aid of tweezers. Please take care that you set the tests mirror imaged, meaning right to left.

You can find everything worth knowing about stamps in the home page’s publicly accessible area. The log-in area is reserved exclusively for our speciality dealer partners. If you’re a speciality dealer and need access data, please turn to your contact person at Trodat.

Trotec Lasers

Trotec boasts more than 180 showrooms worldwide where local experts perform custom and personalised hands-on demonstrations of laser systems for customers. We also continuasly equip the demonstration rooms worldwide with new laser engraving and cutting machines, and return previously owned laser cutters to stock. These used laser cutters are serviced and maintained by us professionally before we offer them as showroom models to potential customers.

Yes. We would be happy to organize an on-site, no-obligation demonstration of our laser machines. To help find the right laser for you, first we will ask you for some information on your application, the materials you plan to work with, and the volume and frequency of your production. Next, we will analyze your requirements and select a system from our broad product portfolio that will meet your needs.

During the process of laser engraving, the laser processes a shape, graphic or picture (e.g. a JPG or PNG) on a wide range of materials. The laser moves horizontally along the individual lines of the engraving, and the material being engraved is removed point by point, line by line. This processing method is called grid engraving.

Among other things, surfaces or shapes can be engraved using this method, including photos, pictures, logos, inlays, fine to thick lettering, and stamps, to name a few.

Laser cutting is a thermal separation process. During the process, predetermined geometries are traversed and cut by the laser beam. As with engraving, a wide variety of materials can be used. A vector-based file (lines and curves of a geometry) is the basis for the cutting process.

This process is used to cut shapes (such as letters, signs and tags) as well as applications that have previously been engraved.

Yes. Trotec laser machines perform both processes.

We offer a wide range of laser machines that can engrave and cut different materials. The machines are well equipped with features (e.g. cutting tables, lenses) for the respective tasks.

The “maximum workpiece height” is the tallest item you can process on a given laser machine. It is based on the distance between the working table and the focus point of the laser beam below the laser head. The lens used determines the position of the focus point.

We provide pre-calculated values for the maximum workpiece heights in the technical data for each of our laser machines. This makes it easy for you to compare the dimensions of your products with our specifications.

To select the best laser machine for your purposes, you should measure the products that you wish to engrave or mark with the laser. Compare these dimensions with the technical data of our laser machines. The length and width of the working area as well as the maximum workpiece height are crucial for selecting the right laser.

The higher the maximum workpiece height of a laser machine is, the higher the products can be that you can engrave or mark with it. As the working table of a flatbed laser is height-adjustable, a laser with a high maximum workpiece height covers a wide range of application possibilities.

Especially for applications with varying product heights, such as laser marking of components, packaging production and model making, we recommend laser machines with high maximum workpiece heights.

By means of the closed design of the Trotec lasers engravers and cutters, the laser user is optimally protected. This concept additionally permits for speedy and efficient extraction of dirt and gas. The closed Trotec flat bed laser machines belong to laser safety class two. Why laser class 2? The laser pointers are designed into Trotec laser machines, in order to point out to the user where the laser impinges the fabric. In line with the internationally valid standard, laser pointers with an output of below one power unit belong to laser safety class two.

All Trotec laser equipment are CE-compliant and thus meet the necessary safety and health requirements of the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Find an overview of machine-specific safety and protection devices, which make our laser machines one of the safest in their class worldwide.

Interlock safety switch

Cladding elements, side covers/front hood and the protective cover serve as protection for the laser. These covers are fitted with interlock safety switches. If the protective cover or another interlock-secured cover is opened, a signal sounds and the laser machine immediately interrupts the laser process. Thus ensuring maximum safety for the user at all times.

All-round light curtain system for SP laser cutters

A moving light curtain system around the safety bumpers on the X-axis define an all-round protection zone around the work area. If the user enters this protection zone, the laser is stopped immediately.

With Trotec laser machines, you can laser-cut, engrave or mark many materials, including: plastics, wood, rubber, leather, metals, textiles and many others. In the table below, you can see details about the material processing capabilities of our laser engraving and laser cutting machines. The list of materials is structured according to processing type (cutting, engraving, marking).


Trotec products are carefully selected to fullfil the highest quality standards and provide durable materials to our customers. Optimum engraving and cutting results can be achieved with fewer passes and laser cutting the material does not produce sticky edges. Very little residue is produced while engraving, resulting in reduced post production cleaning, improving efficiency and the quality of finished products.

Data sheets are available for our core product ranges here. If you need further information or further data sheets, please contact us.

Trotec manufacture a range of first class laser engraving machines designed to make customers more profitable. From the entry level A3 Rayjet laser, to laser machines for full size sheets, Trotec lasers guarantee high quality engraving results.

Yes, samples are available of many of our engraving materials. Contact us to request your desired material now.

Yes, our handy filter tools allow materials to be narrowed down by a number of attributes such as outdoor, indoor, suitable for laser use, suited to mechanical processing and reverse engraving products.

Our advanced production facilities allow us to colour match RAL and pantone references. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive a personalised quote. Minimum order quanities apply for custom orders.